BOT Newsletter May 2016


The Board held its third meeting of the year on May 23rd.

Board of Trustee elections

You should be receiving voting papers for the election of the next Board of Trustees within the next few days. Voting closes on June 3rd so please act promptly. We encourage you all to have your say on who will represent your interests for the next three years. The votes will be counted and schools notified by June 10th, and we will advise you of the results after then. If you wish to know more about the candidates click here.

Results of community survey

Thank-you to all of you who took the time to complete our recent survey of the community. We have taken some time to compile and consider all the results. Here are some of the key points that have come out of the survey exercise;

  • To the question “Is our Vision Statement appropriate, inspirational and aspirational?” 75% of respondents felt it was appropriate, with a small number of respondents suggesting ways in which it might be simplified or modified.
  • 67% of respondents felt the school’s set of values are appropriate.
  • 61% of respondents felt the school’s values are incorporated into school life.
  • To the question “What do you like best about your child’s experiences at school?”, the top three responses were;
    • The staff (52% of respondents)
    • The community (43% of respondents)
    • The programmes (20% of respondents)
  • To the question “In what ways would you like to see the school improve?” the top three responses were;
    • Programmes (21% of respondents)
    • Communication (20% of respondents)
    • Facilities (15% of respondents)
  • To the question “How likely would you be to recommend VAS to your family and friends?” 91% of respondents were likely to recommend (with 66% of all respondents indicating they are highly likely to recommend).
  • Finally, in the section for general comments the stand-out comments were a general “Well Done” (from 49% of respondents). The only other categories that attracted numerous support were “improve communication” and “improve facilities”.

The Board considers the overall tone of results to be extremely positive. It’s great to see that our hard-working staff attracted such a lot of praise and that an overwhelming majority of our community would recommend our school to their friends and family. The survey’s timing coincides with our regular review of our long-term strategic direction for the school, and once again we appreciate the time that you put into responding.

For your interest, a summary of all of the results can be found at the following link;  VAS Survey analysis

Our teachers have also undertaken a survey of all of the students and the key results were;

  • When asked what the children like about the school, the top responses were
    • Teachers
    • Forest/nature around the school
    • Playgrounds
    • PE, sport, sport exchanges and equipment.
  • When asked what should be improved or added, the top responses were;
    • Swimming pool
    • “Nothing – it’s great!”
    • Tuck shop

    Education Review Office evaluation

    The school will host a team of evaluators from ERO during the week of June 27th. This is part of ERO’s regular review cycle. Our last review was very positive. Consequently ERO scheduled the next review for five years later. Five years is the maximum time that ERO allows between reviews of schools. The evaluation involves observation, discussion and review of documentation.

    We are confident that we have everything in place to ensure the evaluation team are satisfied by their visit to our school.

    Board Contact Details

    You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link; //