The Board held its second meeting of the year on 22 March.

Kindo and school donations

As you are aware we use KINDO the online payment platform specifically designed for schools, for parents to pay and manage their fees, donations and other school contributions.  If you are having issues with paying donations, please reach out to Gabs Ireland for assistance.  Your kind contributions are key to ensuring we can continue to provide the high level of teaching to the children.

Student achievement

As advised by Jane, given the long lockdown last year the student assessment was completed early in Term One so the teachers can have a snap shot as to where their children are at this point in time.

The Beginning of Year achievement data was presented to the Board by the senior leadership team of Jane Bush, Jane Cameron and Anne Bridgman, with comprehensive reporting across each year group and subject area. Data has been analysed and support strategies developed for students who may be at risk of learning loss as a result of COVID.

The Board will receive two interim reviews during the year prior to the final assessment at the end of the year.

The benchmark against which our students’ performance is measured is the end of year curriculum level expectations. Students are assessed against the expected level of achievement based on their year level at school in each of the three key curriculum areas of reading, writing and maths.

Our 2022 beginning of year data shows that, despite being in lockdown and having to study from home for a large part of last year, the staff and teachers are confident that by the end of the year our students will have made accelerated progress and should be at comparable levels as students in past years.

Based upon the current assessments as compared to the expectations where students should have been at the end of last year we have the following overall results:

Reading                        92% at or above the expected curriculum level

Writing                          82% at or above the expected curriculum level

Maths                           90% at or above the expected curriculum level

Health & safety

As you are probably aware, following the torrential downpour Auckland experienced on Monday 21 March we had some significant damage to the Atrium Library and Rooms 15 and 16.  Fortunately nobody was hurt due to the great teamwork from the staff of VAS although there was some building damage and we lost around one-third of our library books. Jane is working with MoE and our building team to ensure that repairs are completed as soon as possible so that Rooms 15 and 16 can return to their classrooms safely. We anticipate that this will be before the end of term.

School Board elections – reminder

The three-yearly elections for members of our School Board will take place in September.  There will be more communication around the election process closer to the time.  We encourage any parents or caregivers who are interested in potentially joining the board to do a bit of research.  There is a good online resource at, and we are also attaching a brief document to this newsletter which outlines the functions of the board, together with the role of the Principal and school management team and the Friends of VAS.

We would also encourage any interested people to get in touch with an existing member to discuss this further (our contact details are on the school website), or indeed to come along as an observer to any of the upcoming scheduled meetings.

Board contact details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;