The Board held its second meeting of the year on March 27th.

Property Update

As most of you will be aware, we have been working towards a major refurbishment of the Room 19-21 block of classrooms for the past couple of years. This work has been repeatedly delayed due to the subsidence of the bank on which the classrooms are located; this has resulted in additional engineering work being required.

Unfortunately, in the process of preparing for that project, wider subsidence issues have been discovered in a larger part of the school, namely the classrooms 15 to 18, and the interface with the library. Investigation into this issue has in turn uncovered more issues around the quality of construction of those buildings, which took place around 12 to 15 years ago.

In a nutshell, the more investigations that are carried out, the uglier the picture. There will need to be either a substantial repair or a full replacement of this part of the school, and this takes priority over the original room 19-21 project. These numerous delays have been very frustrating and time-consuming, however we are now hopeful that the investigations will soon come to an end and some actual building work may commence. Some further testing will take place over the coming term holidays, to allow some informed decision-making to take place in the first half of Term 2. The key decision-making in this process lies with the Ministry of Education, to a large extent we at the school are relegated to the sidelines. Rest assured that we are shouting as loudly as we can!

School-wide Assessments

As is the custom at this point in the year, the Board was presented with the summary information from the school-wide assessments that have been carried out in the first part of the term. The purpose of these assessments – which take place across all subject areas – is to establish a baseline for each student’s achievement levels. This allows our teachers to plan for each student’s needs, so that they can be focused upon to ensure each and every student gets to maximise their learning over this coming year.

Principal’s Sabbatical

As you’ll be aware, our Principal has been awarded a one term sabbatical this year, which she is taking in Term Two. Janice will be undertaking a research project during the term, focusing on “leadership from the middle”. This is highly relevant to one of our key goals as an employer; the Board is of course very keen to attract and retain the best staff possible, and providing career development and leadership opportunities to our staff at all levels is a great way to achieve this.

Our Associate Principal Jane Cameron will be Acting Principal for the term, and we know from Jane’s previous times in the Acting Principal role that the school will be in very good hands.

Board Contact Details

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