The Board held its fourth meeting of the year on 28 June.

We had the pleasure of having the attendance of five potential candidates who are considering standing at the coming Board of Trustees elections.

Kindo and school donations

As you are aware we use KINDO the online payment platform specifically designed for schools, for parents to pay and manage their fees, donations and other school contributions.  If you are having issues with paying donations, please reach out to Gabs Ireland for assistance.  Your kind contributions are key to ensuring we can continue to provide the high level of teaching to the children.


Additional costs for reliever teachers to cover during teacher absence or illness has negatively impacted our financial results year to date.  The Board would prefer this situation to the alternative of sending children home due to the lack of teachers.  The main form of funding to cover these costs are the kind donations made by parents.  So please login to Kindo, or email the school, to pay your donations.

Student Achievement

The Board was presented with a summary of student achievement by their year groups at this mid-point through the school year.  It was pleasing to see the progress students have made since the end of last year.  Given this progress and trajectory it is anticipated that we will reach our targets of 75% of all students being at or above expectation.  This is a fantastic result for the school, children and teachers given the turmoil of the past couple of years.

Board contact details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;