The Board held its second meeting of term two on 15 June 2020.

New Principal search

We would like to start the newsletter with acknowledgment of Janice’s service to VAS over the last eight years.  She has been a wonderful steward for our school and leaves the school in a better position than when she started.  Janice is leaving us to join her husband on an early retirement both having had time to reflect on things during the recent lockdown as many of us have.

The Board is grateful for Janice agreeing to a long period of notice through to the end of term three (25 September) so the board has time to recruit.  This will enable us to run a better recruitment process and the incoming Principal the ability to organise the start of 2021 in their way.  The Board is deeply grateful to Janice for this.

Whilst we are sad to see Janice go the Board acknowledges the importance of the search for a replacement.  To assist in this process we will be engaging the help of an external consultant to help guide the Board through this important process.  The Board has received three proposals, these were considered and debated on Monday and a preferred consultant identified.  The Board is seeking a meeting with the preferred consultant next week and we will be looking to commence the process immediately after that.

Student Achievement

The reading data for Term 2, the Global Strategy Stage Assessment as at April, and the Junior Assessment in Maths as at May were presented to the Board.  Despite the school being in lockdown from 23 March to 29 April the children’s results were in line with expectations.  The Board acknowledged the efforts of the teachers, children and the parents.

Property update

The MOE has not yet replied to the application request for the school to acquire two new classrooms.


The current financial results are generally as expected at this time of year despite the impact of COVID-19.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;