The Board held its fourth meeting of the year on June 25th.

Curriculum Review – Arts

Our school has a rolling cycle of reviews into each area of the curriculum; this is an ongoing practice which is designed to periodically assess a curriculum subject to gauge the effectiveness of what is being taught. This time around the review was undertaken by year leader Tessa Fastnedge, who has responsibility for the Arts within the school. Tessa presented the findings of her review to the Board.

The review looked at the planning and delivery of teaching across four of the Arts; music, visual art, dance and drama. The chief conclusion is that planning and delivery for visual art is done well, but there is less emphasis placed on the other three areas. The one exception to note is music, where we have a music specialist on staff who provides music teaching in addition to that provided by the classroom teachers. As a result of this review, we will place more emphasis on these other arts topics as part of future professional development for our teaching staff.

Property Updates

The levelling work has been completed under the room 19-21, and the builder is currently doing the exterior finishing work as well as finishing work to the PTS shed.

The ongoing repainting of the building exteriors is continuing, in and around weather interruptions. Some further re-roofing work will also take place over the pending school holidays.

We are still working on the long-term property vision which will lead to concept planning for the modernisation of all the school buildings, we have some specific workshop sessions planned to address this over the coming 5 weeks.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link; //