BOT Newsletter June 2016


The Board held its fourth meeting of the year on June 20th. Following on from the recent elections, this was the first meeting of your new Board of Trustees.

Your new Board of Trustees

As you may have seen already, the triennial election has been completed, and the school’s Board now consists of the following people;

  • Janice Adamson (Principal)
  • Nicky Hall (Elected parent representative)
  • Michael Holloway (Elected parent representative)
  • Alison Laxon (Staff representative)
  • Anna Scott (Elected parent representative)
  • Bob Weston (Elected parent representative)
  • Katie Williams (Elected parent representative)

It was resolved at the first meeting that the following positions on the board are held by;

  • Board Chairperson – Bob Weston
  • Deputy Chairperson – Nicky Hall
  • Finance Spokesperson – Michael Holloway

Anna Scott is new to the Board and we wish her a warm welcome. Anna will be well known to many of you through her activities in the PTS and in particular her lead role in the 2015 school gala. Brief bios and contact details for all board members can be found at the usual link at the bottom of this newsletter.

Departing Trustees

Andrew Cleland and Karen Ngan have moved on from the board. Andrew served on the board for five years and held the position of Finance Spokesperson for all that time. Karen served on the board for three years and used her legal skills to review, update and standardise the board’s suite of policies and procedures.

In addition to these particular roles, both Andrew and Karen contributed to all of the board’s general business during their terms. We are really grateful to them for the time and hard work put in over these years.

Viva VAS Vegas Evening

This was the school’s main fund-raiser of the year and it was a tremendous success. The school hall was transformed for the evening and the sell-out crowd were treated to live entertainment, great food and drink, silent auctions and a live auction and of course gambling (only with funny money, unfortunately…).

The provisional amount raised by the event was $23,000, which is a great boost to the school’s coffers for the year. These events require a significant amount of time and energy to organise and execute, and we’d like to make a special mention to the organising team of Abby Maire, Julia Donald, Annick Larkin, Clare Crosby and Amanda Dick, together with Shelley Cunningham as Chair of the PTS. Thanks team, and thanks to all of you who supported the event with donations or with your attendance.

Review of the School Charter

As previously mentioned, we have been reviewing and updating the School Charter which outlines the school’s vision and values, and sets the strategic direction for the school for the next three years (2017 to 2019). This is now close to completion and will be available on the main school website in the near future.

The results of the recent student survey and community survey were taken into account throughout the review. In particular, the students were asked about the values that they felt were particularly important to them. As a result, we have greatly simplified the values down to three core values, which fit together with the school’s motto; “Our best always”.

So, the school’s vision statement is; Victoria Avenue School prepares, challenges and inspires all our students to:

  • Succeed and fulfil their potential
  • Be well-rounded students who make valued contributions to society
  • Be confident, independent thinkers and life-long learners
  • Embrace the challenges of a changing world

And the new values are;

We are Caring – We care about ourselves, our families, our school community, our world

We are Responsible – We are responsible for ourselves, our community and our environment

We are Honest – We are honest with ourselves and with others

Our Best Always is at the centre of everything we do.

A photo-shoot has been held with some of our students for incorporation into a set of posters to depict the school’s values – you will see these displayed around the school in the future.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link; //