Welcome back to all returning families, and a warm welcome to all new families in 2022. The Board held its first meeting of the year on 15 February.

The Board would like to acknowledge the hard work of staff to create a safe learning environment at short notice with the move to red just before opening and the change to phase 2 this week.

Board positions

As is customary at the first meeting of the year, the Board held an election for the office holder and sub-committee positions with the following outcomes:

  • John Thorman was unanimously elected as Board Chair
  • Kathryn Alward was unanimously elected as Deputy Chair
  • Finance Sub Committee comprises the Principal, Board Chair and Tim Larkin
  • Health and Safety Sub Committee consists of the Principal, Board Chair and Craig Cunningham
  • Property Sub Committee comprises the Principal, Board Chair and Martin Cooper
  • Discipline Sub Committee, as necessary, will include the Principal, Board Chair and two board members who do not have a conflict of interest

Also on our board are Ilona Lumborg as the Staff Representative, Jane Bush as Principal and Joanne Henderson as Board Secretary.

School Board elections

The three-yearly elections for our School Board will take place in September.  There will be more communication around the election process closer to the time.  We encourage any parents or caregivers who are interested in potentially joining the board to do a bit of research.  There is a good online resource at, and we are also attaching a brief document to this newsletter which outlines the functions of the board, together with the role of the Principal and school management team and the Friends of VAS.

We would also encourage any interested people to get in touch with an existing member to discuss this further (our contact details are on the school website), or indeed to come along as an observer to any of the upcoming scheduled meetings.  We had two interested parents join our meeting, so please feel free to reach out if you would like to do this.

Health & Safety

The Board reviewed the Business Continuity Plan prepared by Jane Bush on how the school will operate under a number of scenarios should Covid-19 results in the staff and students having to isolate.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;