Welcome back to all returning families, and a warm welcome to all new families in 2021. The Board held its first meeting of the year on 9 February.

Board positions

As is customary at the first meeting of the year, the Board held an election for the office holder and sub-committee positions with the following outcomes:

• John Thorman was unanimously elected as Board Chair
• Kathryn Alward was unanimously elected as Deputy Chair
• Finance Sub Committee comprises the Principal, Board Chair and Tim Larkin
• Health and Safety Sub Committee consists of the Principal, Board Chair and Craig Cunningham
• Property Sub Committee comprises the Principal, Board Chair and Martin Cooper
• Discipline Sub Committee, as necessary, will include the Principal, Board Chair and two board members who do not have a conflict of interest
Also on our board are Ilona Lumborg as the Staff Representative, Jane Bush as Principal, Jane Cameron as Deputy Principal and Joanne Henderson as Board Secretary.

Principal’s report

At the start of the year, the school has 508 children spread across 23 rooms, with the largest class size being Room 6 with 29 students. Over 80% of our classes have 25 or fewer students.

The Board approved the introduction of Kindo, an online payment platform specifically designed for schools, which should assist the school in finance administration and the parents with their fees, donations and other school contribution payments.

School charter

The 2021-2024 Charter, or Strategic Plan, for the school is due to be submitted to the MOE by 1 March. This document is then used by the SLT, with the teachers, to prepare annual plans to ensure the goals laid out in the Charter are achieved over the next four years.
Once finalized and approved it will be shared with the school community.

Property update

During the school holidays the blocked drains outside Rooms 1 to 7 were repaired and electrical improvements were made in the classrooms. Our fire and security system are currently being upgraded.
The Master Property plan is close to being finalised.

2021 budget

Following a presentation by Gabs Ireland, we discussed and approved the budget for 2021, which consistent with prior years should result in the school being slightly above breakeven.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;