The Board held its eighth and final meeting of the year on 7 December, again due to the lockdown we held this meeting via Zoom.

Student achievement

Usually, the main focus of our last Board meeting of the year is on year-end Student Achievement data.  As noted by Jane Bush in her earlier communication, the Board, in line with Ministry recommendations, decided not to measure and report on the progress of each student at the end of the year due to the difficulty in assessing the performance of students whilst they have been learning at home.  While an assessment could have been made it would be based on incomplete information.

Instead, a full assessment of each student will be undertaken in the first few weeks of school next year and this will be reported back to parents. This will enable both the school and parents to have a clear benchmark for what needs to be achieved in 2022 for each student.

The Board is acutely aware of the impact the extended 2021 lockdowns has had on our students.  We have already committed to an additional staff member to help address any learning gaps in the new year and we will look to provide additional resources following assessments in Term 1, should they be required.


We are close to being in a position to provide some exciting developments to share with the community on the longer term property projects the Board has been working on. We acknowledge the extraordinary efforts by Martin Cooper and Jane Bush to facilitate progress in this area

2021 financials and 2022 budget

We discussed the projected year-end position for the school’s financial performance in 2021, which is as expected and approved the budget for 2022.  There are a number of assumptions in the 2022 budget which might need to be revisited after school starts given the uncertainties around COVID-19.

Best wishes

This is our last BOT newsletter for 2021. It was an extremely challenging year for us all with COVID and lockdowns but we are grateful for all the hard work contributed by our students, our excellent team of teachers, support staff and leaders, and by so many of our parent community.
We hope that you have had a restful and happy holiday season, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon, hopefully full time and in the classrooms.

Board Contact Details

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