The Board held its eighth and final meeting of the year on December 4th.

Student achievement

As always, the main focus at our last Board meeting of the year is on the year-end Student Achievement data. This is the final outcome of the full-year effort put in by our teachers and school leaders, to regularly track the progress of each and every student within the school.

There may be a misconception that these assessments are used in particular to allow more focus to be made on those students who are under-achieving. The truth is that every student is individually monitored, and our teachers have plans in place to help every student meet – or exceed – their potential.

The achievement data is presented to the Board in a large booklet, with comprehensive reporting across each year group and subject area. Results are also typically broken down into gender, and there is also separate reporting on Maori and Pasifika students.

This year, in the absence of national standards which have been discontinued by the Ministry of Education, the main benchmark against which our students’ performance can be measured is the curriculum level expectations. Students are assessed against the expected level of achievement based on their year level at school in each of the three key curriculum areas of reading, writing and maths.

In 2018, our students achieved superbly against these benchmarks. The proportion of our students who were assessed either “at expectation”, “above expectation” or “well above expectation” was 90.7% in Reading, 92.0% in Writing and 90.8% in Mathematics.

So in conclusion, congratulations to all our wonderful teachers for their hard work, and our wonderful students for producing these great results.

PTS project – “The Forest Project”

A delegation from the PTS made a presentation to our meeting about their proposed Forest Project. They have put a lot of work into how to turn the forest area behind rooms 11 and 12 into an outdoor learning/play area.

This looks like an awesome use for this large area which is currently under-utilised, it will turn it into a asset for the school. The PTS has a 3-year phased plan to implement everything that it wants to achieve in this area, and the Board is totally supportive of this initiative. This will be one of the main focus areas for the PTS in 2019, and the primary target for the proceeds of its fundraising activities both this year and next year.

School Charter and Annual plan

The Principal presented the draft charter and annual plan for 2019 for discussion. These documents provide the strategic direction which underpins all of the school’s activities in the coming year, and specifically set quantitative goals for key outcomes. The board will finalise and ratify these documents at its first meeting of the new year.

2018 financials and 2019 budget

We also discussed the projected year-end position for the school’s financial performance in 2018, and reviewed the draft budget for 2019.

Again, these items will be confirmed and approved at the first meeting in 2019.

Best wishes

This is our last BOT newsletter for 2018. It’s been another really exciting and successful year at Victoria Avenue School, and we’re really grateful for all the hard work contributed by our students, our excellent team of teachers, support staff and leaders, and by so many of our parent community.

All the very best for a restful and happy Christmas season, and we look forward to welcoming most of you back in 2019.

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