BOT Newsletter December 2015


The Board held its eighth and final meeting of the year on December 14th.

Property update

Slowly but surely, progress is being made towards the subsidence remediation for rooms 16-21, and the major upgrade to the Room 19-21 block. The current programme will see the subsidence being attended to from March of next year, and the internal re-modelling of the 19-21 classrooms taking place through the middle of the year.

Board of Trustee elections

The triennial elections are due to be held next year, and the election date we have chosen for our school’s election is June 3rd 2016. This is a great time to start considering if you wish to stand for election to contribute to the long term direction of our school. If you have any queries or wish to talk about your potential interest, please contact Bob Weston or any of the other current Board members (see the link to our contact details below).

Achievement data and Curriculum reviews

One of the key agenda items at the final Board meeting of the year is to review the school-wide achievement data. This is compiled from the individual assessments that are carried out in writing, reading, spelling and mathematics at every year level. The progress of each child throughout the year, and the progress of each cohort as they move through the school, is tracked and reported on. This is an immense exercise, but one which is necessary to ensure the on-going quality of the education on offer at VAS.

Once again, we are proud to report that our students are achieving very highly in these assessments, with the proportion of students achieving either at or above the national standard being 93% in reading, 92% in writing and 94% in maths. This is due to the excellent planning, teaching and assessment work carried out across the school, and due to the efforts of the children themselves.

Very importantly, this assessment and reporting exercise allows the staff to tailor learning plans for both those students who are not meeting the national standard and those who need further stretch, to ensure that their needs are catered for as well. There is a constant drive to see the greatest number of students achieving at the national standard expectations.

Also, each year a staff member leads a formal review of the school’s delivery of a specific part of the curriculum, typically one topic receives a major (very in-depth) review each year, and one topic receives a less intensive, minor review. At this week’s meeting, Anne-Maree Miller presented the major review into Spelling, and Paul Rattenbury presented the minor review into Social Science. Both pieces of work went into depth on current educational practices, and surveyed staff (and in the Spelling case, students). The aim of these reviews is to ensure that the school is doing the best job possible of delivering the curriculum. The review documents and presentations were very thorough and professional, and we would like to thank the teachers that led these exercises and all who contributed.


As we close off the 2015 year, the Board of Trustees wishes to thank all in our school community who continue to devote themselves to making the school a successful, safe and welcoming environment.

Have a tremendous summer break, and we look forward to seeing most of you back in 2016.

Board contact details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;