The Board held its fifth meeting of the year on 10 August.

School Board elections 2022

We are already starting to plan for the May 2022 School board elections.  One of the current board members has indicated they will not stand for re-election so we are keen to have new parents or caregivers join.

It is a requirement of the Education and Training Act that the board should have management expertise as well as reflecting the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the students and character of our community.

If you are considering, or would like to consider, becoming a board member please reach out to Jane Bush or any of the current board members to have a chat.  You are also welcome to come along to a board meeting (schedules are on the website) to see what we discuss and how they are run.  There is a good online resource at

Becoming a board member can be a rewarding experience, including:

  • Setting the direction of the school on behalf of the community and protecting the interests of our children
  • Deciding how school funds are allocated to the benefit of our students and community
  • Reviewing student performance (on a no-names basis) to help ensure goals are achieved
  • Working with external agencies such as the Ministry of Education to develop school infrastructure
  • Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of the school community
  • Providing a platform for our principal to enrich staff performance and morale
  • Creating a support for our community to benefit from the school environment

Student achievement

As we are mid-way through the school year, Jane Cameron and Anne Bridgman presented the mid-year Student Achievement data.  This shows the excellent efforts put in year to date by our teachers and school leaders, to regularly track the progress of each and every student within the school.

Despite being only halfway through the year, the proportion of our students who are already assessed, at the year-end levels, as either “at expectation”, “above expectation” or “well above expectation” was already at 67.8% in Maths, 81.9% in Reading and 73.8% in Writing.  With the rest of the year to focus we are sure that our students will be at the high levels as in prior years.

So, in conclusion, thanks to all our wonderful teachers for the hard work put in so far.

Health & Safety

Playgrounds are closed temporarily while we complete routine maintenance. Although inconvenient, this work will ensure that our playgrounds are at minimum best standard.

We also discussed parking around the school roads during drop-off and pick-up times.  Please ensure you do not block our neighbours driveways, stop on yellow lines, double park or break any other of the road rules when taking your children to school or picking them up.  Please also respond to the email from AT that was forwarded by Jane Bush.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;