The newly elected Board held its second meeting on 12 August.

Thanks to the Teachers

The Board recognises the huge efforts the Teachers put in for the benefit of our children. In recognition of this work The Board asked the staff what else we can do to assist them in their roles. Other than massages, the main theme of their responses was around the addition of:
• More release time (that helps teachers plan their classroom time)
• Assistance with the administrative tasks (i.e. data entry tasks that occur twice a year but can take away from class planning time)
Within the framework of our existing yearly budget, The Board has agreed with the Principal to provide teachers with some additional release time this year for planning and to provide assistance with data entry into the student management system at the end of the year.

Progress against our annual plan

Each year the school creates an annual plan which includes areas such as student achievement targets.
The Board was pleased to receive an update from the Principal that the school and students are tracking well towards the 2019 targets.

Property planning – information gathering

We are still facing slight delays in the timeline for the finalisation of the property master plan, we are focusing on having a plan to review this term.
Please keep an eye out for communications on future property meetings and do get involved.

PTS support

We encourage all parents to get involved with the PTS activities, including the Quiz night on 6 September.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;