The Board held its fifth meeting of the year on August 13th.

Property Updates

Most of you will have seen that the room 19-21 block remedial works – which were required due to subsidence below the buildings – have been completed and all classrooms are now once again able to be occupied. We’re grateful for the patience and flexibility of our staff, students and the whole school community while we’ve been going through the necessary repair works over the past 8 months. The final piece of this project is to upgrade the roof over the veranda area, which will be completed soon

The new item which is really hard to miss is the new playground. This has been a hit with the students and it’s great to see the impact of this investment in terms of providing some more space for really active play. Many thanks to the PTS – the playground was purchased with funds raised a few years ago.

Property strategy

The Board has set itself the task of formulating a long-term property strategy, which will guide our future investments in buildings and grounds. We have retained a consultant in design thinking and are spending some really productive time in regular workshops to brainstorm the future needs of the school. I’d guess that most of the parents in the school had their own primary education 30-40 years ago, and would agree that a lot has changed since that time in terms of the content that is taught at school, and the methods by which it is taught.

There seems to be wide acceptance that the pace of change in our world is increasing, and that it will go on increasing. We can probably conclude therefore that the content and method of teaching in 10-20 years’ time is going to be quite different from what we have to plan for today. That’s the context for our strategy workshops; we are trying to define the requirements for our school in the near future, but also in the long term. It’s been a really interesting process so far, and we’ll report back on more progress soon.

Quiz Night

It’s almost time for the annual VAS quiz night, this is coming up on Friday September 14th. This is one of the major fundraising events held by our wonderful PTS this year and it’s always a great night out. We encourage you all to grab tickets and come along to meet new people and support our school in a really fun way.

Board Contact Details

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