BOT Newsletter August 2016


The Board held its fifth meeting of the year on August 1st.

Review of the School Charter

The new School Charter has now been finalised and ratified by the Board. This new document will come into effect from 2017 onwards. In a change from the past, the sections of the charter which deal with the school’s vision, values and key strategic initiatives will be posted on the school’s website from next year.

The charter, and the Annual Plan that fits under the charter, are mandatory requirements for all schools. This recent process of reviewing the previous document has provided a good opportunity to reflect on what’s working well within the school, and where we feel changes should be made. As a Board, we are highly satisfied with the position that the school is in. That view was roundly endorsed by the recent survey that the school community participated in. Accordingly, there are no significant changes under the new charter; it really is more about making updates and minor changes.

Curriculum Evening coming up – on Maths

We will be holding an evening event this term to brief the school community on the current maths curriculum. Please mark Monday September 19th on your calendars.

For those of you that can remember being taught maths, and compare that with what your children are doing now in school, you’ll agree that there have been some changes. The aim of the evening is to demystify the current methods of teaching maths. There will be a general presentation by the maths expert Lucie Cheeseman who has been providing professional development to our teachers for the past few years, and then an opportunity in smaller groups to learn more about how maths is taught at each year group. I’m not sure there will be a repeat of the pop quiz that we had last time, which only reinforced how much most of us have forgotten about maths…

Quiz Night on Friday September 16th

This is another important date for your diaries, the school’s famous annual quiz night. This is always a lot of fun and is a significant contributor to the school’s fund-raising efforts each year, so please book your tickets and start to plan for a great evening.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link; //