BOT Newsletter April 2016


The Board held its second meeting of the year on April 4th.

Email contact with teachers

As you’re aware, the email addresses of teachers are made available as a means for parents and teachers to communicate effectively. Unfortunately we have recently seen an increase in emails to staff members, from a minority of parents, which are harassing and bullying in nature. This causes a lot of undue stress for the recipients.

The Board strongly feels that all communication with our school’s teachers and managers should be courteous and respectful. We understand that some of you may not agree with a staff member and you are certainly entitled to say so. What we will not tolerate are communications that are discourteous and hurtful. One simple test is; would you be prepared to speak in that manner to a teacher face to face?

Our teachers’ primary roles are of course teaching the children and planning for future lessons. Communicating with the parent community is also an important part of their role, but please also be mindful that any time spent by teachers engaging in correspondence with parents and caregivers is time that can’t be spent on their main jobs. Therefore please keep emails brief and relevant.

We welcome feedback – both positive and negative – and if the nature or tone of your feedback is not such that you would be prepared to say face to face to a teacher or school management, then please address it to myself (Bob Weston, Board Chair) or one of the other Board members. See below for a link to our contact details.

Financial performance

The Board was presented with the final financial summary for the 2015 calendar year, which showed a sound operating surplus for the year. The Board aims to balance its income with its expenditure to deliver a rich and broad education for our students, while at the same time accumulating cash reserves for future investment in our long term building programme.

Survey of the school community

You will be receiving an invitation to participate in a survey of the school community. The Board of Trustees will be reviewing the school’s long-term strategic plan over the coming few months, and we would appreciate feedback from you all so that we can take this into account.

The survey is in two sections. The first section seeks your input on the school’s Vision and Values. The second section asks more general questions about the experiences you and your child (or children) have had with our school. We hope to get a strong response rate, so please take part when the email arrives.

Board of Trustee elections

As advised previously, the triennial elections are due to be held this year, and the election date we have chosen for our school’s election is June 3rd 2016. This is a great time to start considering if you wish to stand for election to contribute to the long term direction of our school. If you have any queries or wish to talk about your potential interest, please contact Bob Weston or any of the other current Board members (see the link to our contact details below).

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;