Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum encompasses the teaching of number and algebra as well as statistics, geometry and measurement. All these aspects are covered throughout the year and where possible are integrated with each other. The development of number knowledge and number strategies is a key component in mathematics. Each of these areas are taught in stages which increase in complexity at each stage. See HERE for more information of the number stages.

Mathematics is taught everyday throughout the school. Throughout the week students may work as a whole class or in small flexible groups that allow for differentiation. Problem solving is included in the maths programme as not only does it provide excellent opportunities for creative and flexible thinking, it is an opportunity to develop and practise maths skills in new contexts.

At mid year and end of year students are judged against the National Mathematics Standards to determine if they meet the demands of the New Zealand Curriculum. For more information on these standards at each level click HERE.

Parents have a valuable role to play in encouraging students to apply their maths knowledge and skills in everyday situations. This LINK provides many valuable suggestions as to how parents can support their children with mathematics at home.

Links from Monday 19 September Mathematics Evening

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Also note the links enclosed in this web page:

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